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Happy Camel Caravan

Short distance or a long haul, Happy Camel Caravan can do it all. We have over thirty years of expertise in the packing, moving and storage industry. With your valuables’ safety in mind, it is no secret why people choose us. From the beginning stages of packing to the actual move itself, we offer high quality customer service that just can’t be beat.

What You Can Expect
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Our moving specialists will make sure each item is quilt-pad wrapped, shrink-wrapped, and secured properly in the truck for safe transport to your new home. Upon arrival, your moving crew will take the time to reassemble your items and place them all exactly where you need them to go. Our experts can even provide professional packing services, which will save you valuable time, save you hours of hassle, and allow you take care of more important things, like spending time with your family! Our local movers and long-distance movers are extensively trained to ensure that every customer receives the best move possible.